StarCrawlers: Chimera Winter Update

The early access build of Juggernaut Games' single-character dungeon crawler StarCrawlers: Chimera has received a new update imparting some new abilities to the Soldier and Prototype classes, rebalancing some class features, and fixing a number of miscellaneous issues.

Here are the patch notes:

It's getting cold out there, so stay warm with toasty new patch notes - and keep an eye out for presents to pinch! Who knows what you might find... Happy Holidays everyone!

  • The Prototype can now enjoy food just like a real person and can make use of MedKits to heal. Repair Kits no longer drop. The Prototype continues to be unable to consume Chems and immune to Bleed and Poison effects.
  • All sources of healing for the Prototype (except Cannibalize) are reduced 50%.
  • Prototype Armor values per tier reduced as there are now more Prototype tiers.
  • Soldier Bomblet spawn reduced as there are now more Soldier abilities that spawn Bomblets.
  • Soldier Magnetronc tooltip clarified to show that it inflicts Electrified.
NEW Prototype Abilities

Haiku Module : Being damaged has a chance to inspire a poem generated from random memories, buffing your defensive or offensive power. Improves with Prototype rank.

Perk : Ghost in the Shell. Your haikus are 30% stronger and provide both defensive and offensive power.

Cannibalize Perk : Better, Faster, Stronger. The machine-spirit effect persists until you consume another corpse.

Thunderclap Perk : Electrocutioner. Thunderclap radius is increased 200% and has a chance to instantly kill common enemies.

H.A.M : Reset the cooldown on Arm Cannon and Thunderclap and charge them to full power. If a target dies while H.A.M is active, refresh this effect.

Perk : Termination Mode. While H.A.M is active, all incoming damage is reduced 90%, you are immune to most negative status effects, and you do not feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

NEW Soldier Abilities

Bombardier Perk : Mad Bombardier. When you throw a Grenade, activate (Frag Out! / Thermal Grenade) on the same target.

Rocket Strike Perk : Cluster Munition. Enroute to the target, the rocket drops up to 6 Bomblets.

Magnetronc Perk: ICP-M. Bomblet pull range is increased 100% and Bomblets pulled to the target deal bonus Shock damage.

Hellfire Salvo : Launch 2 to 4 mini-rockets at each visible enemy that deal Fire damage. Mini-rockets with no target seek out enemies. Damage increases with Strength.

Perk : Infernal Bolts. Mini-rockets deal additional Piercing damage and Burn their target.

Boomageddon : Activate all Soldier abilities on the target. Boomageddon cooldown is reduced by 1 when an enemy dies.

Perk : Doomsday Clock. If the target of Boomageddon dies, reset the cooldown on all other Soldier abilities.

NEW Big Guns Ability

Heavy Weapons Expert (Passive) : When you equip a Heavy Ranged Weapon, you gain a unique ability depending on the weapon type.

Perk : Gunzerker. Killing blows from your Heavy Weapons Expert ability reset the cooldown on all other Big Guns abilities.

  • Fixed an issue with older saves not updating to abilities that have gained perk point options. This will be applied retroactively when a save is loaded.
  • Fixed a magic door on Security Floor that opened into the Screaming Void.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Soldier Bomblets to set damage to 0 when loading a save.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy abilities failing if they applied an effect that was resisted by the player (Fire / Chill / Shock / etc).
  • Fixed an issue with Psykonics Dominate that would cause stamina to continue draining after the ability resolves.
  • Fixed an issue where moving stackable items (ammo, food, etc) to the apartment stash would drop the item if the stash was partially full.
  • Fixed an issue with stackable items being dropped on themselves in inventory causing the items to vanish.
  • Reduced particle effect intensity on several Elementalist abilities.