Wartales - Co-op Update Available

Shiro Games brings us a new early access update for their mercenary RPG Wartales that lets us traverse the game's world and deal with its challenges together with up to four players. Here's how this new system is going to work:

Attention mercenaries!

The highly anticipated and much requested Wartales co-op update is available now!

Traverse the vast open world of Wartales with up to 4 players, lay out your tactics and devise a strategy before you face off with some of the many hostile inhabitants of this harsh world and defeat them side by side.

Work together to explore and unravel the mysteries of these strange, unwelcoming lands, while sharing your money, loot and resources before ending the day with a delicious meal sat around a roaring campfire alongside your loyal companions.

Read on to find out more about the Co-op Update…

Create Your Troop

Choose your characters, classes, roles in your troop, and most importantly, decide who should take care of the pony.

Customize the way your characters look to ensure that your in game counterparts are the most accurate representations of morally questionable, mercenary versions of you.

The World

Wartales is a hostile world, so your troop will be sticking together throughout your adventure.

Each player is free to lead the whole troop without constraints, just make sure you discuss your plans with your teammates, as a well informed team is a happy and alive team.

As a team, you must decide together with who or what to interact with. Communication is key, and never more so than when deciding on decisions or actions that might impact the rest of your group…

If you wish to engage in some side jobs or activities, your companions will be there to offer some words of encouragement (or disparagement, in which case, find better friends)

The Camp and Resources

Your camp is one of the few places where you’re free to let your hair down and relax in between being attacked by bandits and dodging plague ridden bloodthirsty locals, so of course, everyone is free to do whatever they wish with their spare time here.

Assign your companions to carry out different tasks or professions, but make sure you run this by your teammates as only one of you can use any of the available equipment at any one time…

And obviously, nothing gets a mercenary ready for a new day of doing mercenary stuff than rest, relaxation, a well fed troop and good night's sleep the night before. So put your feet up, fill your bellies and regale eachother with some funny stories of murder and kidnapping before turning in for a good night's sleep before your next adventure.


You work together, so you share the rewards. Therefore all of your money you accrue from your missions is split between your team.

So, if you want to keep morale high and avoid any mutinies or unfortunate sleep stabbings, it’s highly recommended you consult your teammates before spending or using any of your hard earned spoils.

You do have your own inventory to manage though, so if hypothetically, you found something precious or valuable and didn’t feel like sharing that day, well, what your teammates don’t know won’t hurt them, right…?

Battles and Combat

It goes without saying, but when potential death is staring you in the face, you’re going to need to be as in tune and communicative with your teammates as possible.

So plan accordingly, strategise, decide who strikes who, and when.

You have full control over your characters, so make sure your decisions are made with the best interests of your teammates in mind, as stepping on each other's toes could very well result in some mortal errors…

Also, a big thank you to everyone who took part in the Co-op Open Beta, your feedback was instrumental in helping us improve and refine the co-op experience and of course in making sure that the update was able to meet the expectations of our players upon release!

Enjoy the update and don’t hesitate to let us know if you experience any issues following its release.

Shiro Games