World of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Subscription Trial and Reviews

Those of you who've played World of Warcraft at some point, can now experience the game's latest Dragonflight expansion thanks to a limited trial that allows you to renew your subscription and jump straight into the new content without actually purchasing Dragonflight.

This promotion will stay active through January 2, 2023. Here's more on that:

For a limited time*, players who do not own Dragonflight but have a subscription or active Game Time can play the new expansion as the dracthyr Evoker beginning today. Experience the Forbidden Reach starting zone for this new race and class combination while leveling in the Dragon Isles up to level 63 in the Waking Shores and through Chapter 1 of the Dragonflight campaign. You’ll be able to experience all the quests, unlock and learn Dragonriding, take your professions to the next level, and even experience two new dungeons during the trial period—Ruby Lifepools and The Nokhud Offensive.

Learn more about Dragonflight on our official page and stay up on the latest on the official World of Warcraft news page.

*Dragonflight Expansion Trial access with Subscription/Game Time only available through January 2, 2023. After this period, Dragonflight purchase is required for continued access to dracthyr Evoker and other Dragonflight content.

And if you'd like to know whether this new expansion is worth your time, then here are a few reviews:

PC Gamer 80/100:

Dragonflight isn't the most thrilling expansion in the MMO's lineage, but it's a fresh start, which is a rare thing for a 20-year-old videogame to get.

IGN 7/10:

Dragonflight reignites the sense of wonder and exploration that originally drew me to World of Warcraft, for about the first 30 or 40 hours. Beyond that, it definitely starts to feel a bit threadbare. Dragon riding is fun as hell, and I love the design of the new zones. But this expansion's back-to-basics approach is very much a double-edged sword. I probably won't burn out as fast because there aren't a million things to do every day just to feel like I'm keeping up like there were in Shadowlands. But at the same time, I don't feel like there's enough to do that's genuinely interesting once I've cleared all the very well-written side quests. An excellent new crafting system is gated behind mind-numbing amounts of mindless grinding for resources, in addition to weekly caps, which feels like a double jeopardy situation. I like Dragonflight, but I fell out of love with it not long after hitting max level. I really hope Blizzard looks at this as a rebuilding year for WoW, and doesn't hesitate to iterate on some of the inventive ideas in Shadowlands that were maybe only a step or two away from being great.

ScreenRant 4.5/5:

This leaves Dragonflight in an interesting position. It's a compelling and enjoying jaunt through the usual World of Warcraft fare and removes much of the doom-and-gloom that made Shadowlands gradually become tiresome. It's also a reminder that the ceiling on WoW is ultimately only so high - technically and practically, there is only so much Blizzard can do with each expansion without risking remaking the game too much and losing its die-hard playerbase. For fans of WoW, Dragonflight is fantastic. Its end-game remains to be seen, but even the simple journey of leveling up and exploring the Dragon Isles is well worth the price of admission. For newcomers or lapsed veterans, it's still easy to recommend World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. It's just worth noting that, for all the new baubles and exciting innovations, it's ultimately the same game underneath it all, for better and for worse.

Destructoid 8.5/10:

As was the case with Legion taking us out of the dour mood of Warlords of Draenor, WoW has risen from the ashes once again. The theme park roteness has eroded in the era of Dragonflight, and it came at the perfect time: at one of World of Warcraft‘s lowest points following the mid-to-late Shadowlands period. While there’s a chance that this expansion could drop the ball, so far it’s looking good. I’m still having fun flying around by myself, while interacting with the MMO bits as I see fit.