Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Season of Escalation Live

Having released the Sororitas Class DLC for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr a couple weeks back, NeocoreGames now brings us a new content update for the game introducing the Season of Escalation that features some fresh challenges, an option to skip the game's story campaign, a few miscellaneous fixes, and more.

Here's a quick trailer for this update:

And its patch notes:

Welcome to the Season of Escalation!

Start your journey anew! New goals and epic rewards await Seasonal characters who face the Escalating tide of the enemies of the Imperium!

To get a full understanding of all the Seasonal mechanics and to learn more about the new Seasonal items, shards, frames as well as the objectives you have to complete, it is recommended to check the Compendium here.

Patch v2.7,1

New Features

Skip Campaign option

We'd like the players to experience Inquisitor - Martyr's story Campaign at least one time, but after you've finished it, we'd like to offer the players an option to skip the story Campaign when starting a fresh, new character.

What happens when you create a "Skip Campaign" character:
  • When you create your character, you are prompted to chose from a Radical or a Puritan character:
    • Radical characters start with 300 Radical Morality points
    • Puritan characters start with 300 Puritan Morality points
    • Developer comment: This is needed to compensate for the Morality points rewarded within the Campaign, plus it was almost impossible to reach maximum morality in the past
  • All characters will start at level 1 with default gear
  • You are immediately on the unlocked Command Bridge with all NPCs available
  • All subsectors are unlocked on the starmap
  • Mission Deployment is available
  • Co-op features are available
  • Void Crusade's level requirement (35) remains unchanged
  • You can start your character's journey by playing any mission from the starmap or from the Mission Deployment
  • Note that you cannot play any campaign missions with this character, because the game considers them "done" already. If you want to play the story missions again, create a new character without the "Skip campaign" option.
How to skip the Campaign:
  • Players can create a new character with the "Skip Campaign" option, when they are eligible to do so
  • Players are eligible to skip the Campaign, when they have
    • finished Martyr's main Campaign
    • finished the Prophecy expansion (if they own it)
    • finished all the side content. These are: The Enemy Below, Viper's Nest, Harbingers of Hate, and the Drukhari and Khorne expansions.
  • Standalone Prophecy owners need to finish the Prophecy expansion as well as the mentioned side content, to be eligible to create a "Skip Campaign" Tech-Adept.
  • If you finished Martyr's Campaign only, but not Prophecy, you can create a "partial skip" character, which takes you to the beginning of the Prophecy story.
Mark items as Favourite
  • You can now mark any of your items as Favourites in your inventory. Marked items cannot be sold or salvaged at vendors.
  • You can mark/unmark your items any time by clicking on the small star icon on the top left corner of the item, or with controller, selecting the item with X, then pressing Y to mark/unmark it.
  • The regular sorting options will not affect the marked items. They stay where you put them in your inventory, regardless how you sort your other items.
  • A new "Sort by Favourite" option is available, by which you can group your marked items to the top (or to the end) of your inventory.
  • Multiple Archeotech Shard effects of the same type can now be stacked within the same item
Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed an issue related to campaign progresses where characters could no longer continue the story
  • Fixed an issue where the Store sold low-level items for higher level characters
  • Fixed Combo weapon animations for the Battle Sister