StarCrawlers Chimera - Floor 4: Production Available

Following an extended period of silence, Juggernaut Games brings us a new early access update for their single-character dungeon crawler StarCrawlers Chimera. This update introduces a new floor with its own enemies, drops, and even a boss fight. It also tweaks some things, fixes a number of miscellaneous issues, and adds some new resolution options.

Here are the patch notes:

Floor 4 : Production is now live! Finally. If you haven't been following on Discord, I’ve been dealing with health issues preventing me from updating at my usual speed. I’m happy to say they are behind me and more updates lie ahead. Production features new side contract mechanics, enemies, gear, weaponry, events, and a new boss fight.

The next patch (SOON™) will be focused on expanding and refining the skill trees based on player feedback.

  • The Production floor features side contracts that can be completed for 2 different factions.
  • Added 8 new enemies on the Production floor.
  • Added a new optional boss fight on the Production floor.
  • Added 16 new gear & weapons on the Production floor.
  • Added “chance on block” effects to new shield equipment.
  • Boss rooms are now marked on the minimap.
  • Added initial support for 16:10 resolutions.
  • Weapons now have an item level that scales the weapons damage and stats based on the floor the weapon drops on.
  • When comparing shield items, lower shield regen will display as a positive change.
  • Resistances now provide a chance to resist their associated effects ie. Fire Resistance vs Burning, Cryo Resistance vs Chill, Shock Resistance vs Electrify, etc.
  • Burning / Bleeding / Gushing Wound / Poison no longer deal damage based on the victim’s max health. Against the player and minions, they deal damage based on the active floor. Against enemies, they deal damage based on the player’s level.
Ability Changes
  • The power of Rogue Modder has been modified.
  • Mod It Better now caps at 3 modifications on an item, the stats bonuses are allocated based on the equipment type, the rarity of the item boosts stat bonuses, and the stat bonuses now scale with points invested in the Rogue Modder skill tree. The chance to fail a modification increases quicker with each modification and is reduced by Rogue Modder rank.
  • Legacy items with 4+ mods from Mod It Better will have their base stats restored and 3 mods applied for free (with 0 chance of failure).
  • Item (Re)Designer can now be used on any gear or weapon of Common or higher rarity. The chance to fail a redesign increases quicker with each use and is reduced by Rogue Modder rank.
  • Illegal Weapon Modification damage and effect values have been adjusted and the Thunderflux Capacitor is no longer insanely OP.
  • IWM effects now show the weapon providing the effect and display correctly when two weapons share the same modification.
  • New IWM abilities coming soon!
  • Fixed an issue with camera traps leaving a phantom camera mesh when disarmed.
  • Fixed an issue with bonus contract popups sometimes persisting.
  • Fixed an issue on the character creation menu that could block skill tree selection.
  • Fixed shield block logging showing a damage range for the amount blocked.
Ability Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Blademaster Lunge to move into an occupied square.
  • Fixed perked Skull Toss and Warp Wave buff both displaying as Brain Drain.
  • Fixed perked Skull Toss and Xeno Warp retaining perk effects after removing perk points.
  • The Skull Toss and Xeno Warp abilities will automatically return to the ability bar if their perk points are removed.
  • Fixed being able to drag abilities that switch between active and passive to the ability bar when in passive mode.
  • Fixed some counter / reflex attacks having a chance of targeting the player.
  • Minions will no longer target the player if the player injures themselves.
  • Enemy mobs will properly forget their grudges after a charm effect ends.
Coming Soon (in no particular order)
  • Skill Tree Improvements : ability changes and balancing + new abilities
As always, thank you for your support!

- Thunderflux & Juggernaut Games