Gothic 1 Remake - A Closer Look at Goblins

In order to remind us that their remake of the original Gothic is still alive and kicking, THQ Nordic and Alkimia Interactive bring us this quick Steam announcement that shows off the remake's goblins having the time of their lives.

The link above has the actual image, but here's a quick description of these sneaky fellows:

These devious little creatures can annoy even hardened adventurers. For inexperienced warriors, they can even spell their doom! They can quickly surround you and attack all at once, armed with clubs, old rusty swords, or anything they can get their hands on!

Goblins are crafty and, above all, light-fingered. Remember our old friend Talas from the Sect Camp, who lost the Almanac to a gang of Goblin muggers? It's time to team up with him once again and retrieve it!