Hellgate: London - London 2038 Development Update #35

The latest developer diary for Hellgate: London's London 2038 multiplayer mod is short and to the point – it brings us a quick progress report, explains the recent delays, and that's about it. Check it out:

Hello, hello!

That it’s been a while since last time would be an understatement – almost two months now, in fact. So, while this is not quite the thunderous return to form, nor the ground-shaking entry that reveals we’re actually done I’d have hoped, this here entry is here to fix that.


First the progress part, then the explanations.
  • Added a new enemy. This one will not bother endgame players, but rather earlier ones looking for a substantive early-game activity.
  • Started work on said new enemy’s quest sequence script. Not quite done yet, but all the basics are now there – and implementation should likely only take an afternoon.
  • Added 4 new voices. Finally got round to processing and adding those in, only a few more to go.
  • Started work on more community items. Because acknowledgements and tokens of gratitude are due.
  • Penned down some more materials for game-wide activities. Not done either, but we now have a more solid idea on them.
  • Penned down some more affixes. To be tested next week, hopefully.
  • Fixed a couple of oversights. Not bugs per se, just sloppy datawork.
Then, on senpai’s front,
  • Started experimenting with a slight kit revamp. Can’t say much more than that, but the concept seems quite solid.
And, mostly on our two hard-working Shadies’ part with only modest help from yours truly,
  • Got a bunch of wiki work down. Knowledge seekers the world over, rejoice.

With the progress check in order, you might rightly wonder why all this took as long as it did. Or why much of the above has “started”, not “finished”.

Well, the gist of it is that life got in the way. October was particularly brutal, even more so than is tradition. Implementing the rest of the expansion requires that our (actual) devs clear out a roadblock, which said brutal October has also gotten in the way of. And as we data folks wait for that, expanding in other ways seemed an appropriate pastime for the little time we can steal.

Unfortunate, all in all, but that’s been the situation on our hands. Fingers crossed we get said hands freer and freer, because this skeleton needs some meat on its bones.


So that would be all. Thank you very much for your time and continued patience as we get this gigantic project in order. And, even more so, thank you to everyone who has chosen to get involved and lend a hand. We very much appreciate both, and look forward to showing our gratitude through the biggest patch we’ve ever worked on.

Until next time, hopefully in two weeks, all the best to you and yours – and happy hunting. :slight_smile: