Argos: Riders on the Storm - Warren Spector Interview

Earlier this year, we learned that Otherside Entertainment's Warren Spector was directing a new whale-related project known as Argos: Riders on the Storm. But seeing how whales, possibly space whales, is pretty much the only thing we know about this game at this point, you might be interested in this IGN interview where the mastermind behind Deux Ex sheds some light on his upcoming project.

Admittedly, he's still being pretty vague about the whole thing, but at least we now know to expect a multiplayer immersive sim with some D&D influences. Here's a quick excerpt to get you started:

Dungeons and Dragons came up a lot. “We would not be talking if not for Dungeons and Dragons,” he said, emphasizing how the D&D experience is fundamental to his game-design ethos. He went on to add that he wants to give players the same feeling he had the first time he played D&D. “That idea that everyone becomes an author is super powerful.” He expanded on this, suggesting that if he doesn’t bring anything new to the table with Argos, then it’s time for him to hang it up. “I am a firm believer that every game has to have one thing that no one’s ever seen or done in a game before,” Spector said. “I promise you that the game we’re working on now will do that.”