Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 Update - Difficulty Settings

A new early access update for Kerberos Productions' roguelike Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 is here, introducing two new difficulty settings, Steam achievements, some assorted fixes, and a Halloween event. Here are the patch notes:

Greetings! Summer is gone, Fall is here, and it is time for a new update. It's been about six weeks since our last update, but we've been busy, never fear.

The biggest addition to the game, at least from a play perspective, is Difficulty Settings. Now you can take on The Pit at an easier setting as well as a harder setting. Because some days you just want to punch monsters with less stress. And other days you just want to be the hardest Raptor around.

Not to be scoffed at are Steam Achievements. We enjoy them as much as you do and now is the time to add them to the game.

We also made some changes to the game and fixed a lot of bugs, but one last addition should be called out and that's the Pick Up Items Menu. Some of us (like our producer) are inventory pack-rats, happy to grab anything and everything dropped at their feet, and then eventually they have to clean it out. Others are more discerning about what they want and need to pick-up, so if that's the type of player you are, we've added an options that let's you pick and choose what you want to add to your inventory. Had a big fight and now there's all manner of loot around? Use the menu to grab what you want, and leave behind anything you don't!

And one final note; It's Halloween soon! And that means spooky, right? So, next week, be on the look-out for some seasonal treats as you try and survive...



  • Steam achievements!
  • Three difficulty settings - Hard, Normal, Easy, which you can set on the Character Select screen before you launch your run into The Pit.
  • Pick up items menu - When faced with a lot of dropped loot in an area, you can Right-Click and select only specific items you want to pick-up.
  • Halloween mode - automatically available close to Halloween (On/Off option on character screen for those who don't like Halloween, though we can't imagine such a person.)
  • Player starts in new airlock entrance to The Pit. You're on an asteroid after all, it only makes sense you came in through an airlock.
  • Movement instructions made by player during an enemy turn will now be cleared if the movement keys are let go.
  • Unable To Move prompt checks key bindings so any player key changes are accurately reflected in on-screen instructions.
  • Exit tutorial bug fixed.
  • Scanning analyzer 0% chance bug fixed.
  • Empty cooker exploit fixed.
  • Improvised Med-kit missing disease now clears properly.
  • Biome exit point on the mini-map in proper location.