Steve Peterson Interview - Matt Chat

The latest episode of Matt Barton's Matt Chat show brings us a 2-hour-long interview with one Steve Peterson, a veteran game designer and marketing specialist who's worked at TSR, Wizards of the Coast, EA, Capcom and many other notable gaming companies over the years.

The interview covers the evolving nature of tabletop roleplaying, the increasing importance of digital tools for the hobby, the ins and outs of game marketing, successful product pitches, the pitfalls of high-level D&D and more.

Check it out:

Steve is an award-winning game designer and an experienced marketer, as well as an experienced game and business journalist and analyst. He's worked at or for a variety of game companies, including Electronic Arts, Capcom, Wizards of the Coast, Activision,, and a host of small game companies and developers. He's experienced with starting up companies as well as running multi-million dollar marketing budgets.