MythForce - A Dark and Stormy Night Update Available

Earlier this month, Beamdgog released a new early access update for their roguelite adventure MythForce featuring a bunch of lightning spells and abilities, as well as a series of Halloween-themed skins and a number of bug fixes.

The link above has the patch notes, and here's a quick overview of the new stuff:


Happy spooky October everybody, this is Project Director Luke, and it’s time for another update to MythForce, this time focused around a couple new Halloween-adjacent updates, like a little thunder and lighting, and a few new costumes for your favorite heroes.

It may come as a shock, but the big centerpiece of Content Update 7 is the Electric element. Weapons with the Electric element electrify your enemies, causing them to discharge electricity around them, injuring both themselves and their nearby allies. You can apply it with weapons that have the Electric element, or by casting spells using the new Electric Spellbook, which allows you to throw lightning bolts like javelins from your hands, or tag up to 5 enemies, then call down massive bolts from the sky, doing high electric damage and knocking your enemies down.

What’s the Halloween season without a little dress-up? This content update also brings a 4th costume to each hero, which can be bought from the Eldryth Emporium using blood gems that you’ve gathered through adventuring. Go out adventuring in style, wearing costumes inspired by classic movie monsters. Just remember who’s in costume, so you don’t end up targeting Rico when a werewolf comes running your way.

Speaking of spooky season, how about a little necromantic update? We’ve taken the first step in improving our party reviving flow, by now pausing the timer when actively reviving your teammates? This, many updates to the game’s stability, and much more. Details below.