Dungeons of the Amber Griffin - Music Game Mode Showcased

It's not often that I get completely stumped by a development update these days, but this particular one for Frozengem Studio's upcoming dungeon crawler Dungeons of the Amber Griffin makes absolutely no sense to me. On the surface, it seems to be suggesting that the game will have a soundtrack. But it's somehow presented as a separate game mode.

And the music itself seems like a better fit for Doom than a folklore-inspired RPG. Check it out:

And here's the only bit of context we have for this:

We invite you to watch the gameplay from the game. We present a new music game mode, in which there will be locations specially prepared for specific music. At the end of the game, there will be a count of the number of killed monsters. You will also be able to unlock interesting items that you can use in other game modes.

Music by: Percival Schuttenbach "Taniec Trupów" album Dzikie Pola: