Steelrising - Assist Mode Detailed

With Spiders Studios' Dark Souls-inspired steampunk action-RPG Steelrising launching on September 8, 2022, we get this Steam announcement detailing the game's so-called "Assist Mode" that will allow you to circumvent the intended difficulty curve.

Here's how it's going to work:

Are you familliar with Soulslikes games? They come with their fair share of challenges. Hard to beat monsters, even harder Bosses; stamina management or finding your body where you last died not to lose everything you possess... All these features might be very appealing to you, if you like Souls like we do. Yet, it might also be seen as a drawback for those seeking to have a more story-driven experience or a less punitive gameplay. We wanted the game to enjoyed by everyone, thus the Assist mode.

What does the Assist Mode do?

The Assist Mode allows you to change a few settings that only impact your character, not the world around you, in order to help you tackle the challenges the way you prefer.

How to activate the Assist Mode?

When you start a New Game, you are asked if you want to enable it or not.

Note that if you do enable it, you lose the possibility to earn some trophies that are linked to the challenge.

You can enable/disable the Assist mode at anytime in the option settings.

What options can you play with?

You can change 4 aspects of the gameplay
  • The Damage reduction.
  • Keeping or not your Anima Essence after death.
  • The Endurance regeneration Speed.
  • The easy cooling system.