The Lord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Q&A

Standing Stone Games' executive producer Rob Ciccolini recently took part in a livestreamed Q&A where he answered a heap of community questions about The Lord of the Rings Online. Thanks to that Q&A we now know that the LotRO team is currently working on a "remaster" of the game's visuals and UI, as well as a pretty sizable content update.

Here's the full thing:

And this here MassivelyOP article provides a decent summary of what's been said. A quick excerpt:

Other projects in the works include a new endgame six-player dungeon, a “War of the Three Peaks-sized” update that includes a new region in Eriador, the game’s first new skirmish in a long while, an alternative 1-30 leveling path with its own story, server improvements to reduce lag, 64-bit servers, and a “delving” system that will allow players to increase mission (and, later, skirmish) difficulty. Multifactor authentication is another project that the team is working on for the future, as is an “overflow server” that will allow free transfers on and off for high periods of game use.