Songs of Conquest Roadmap Revealed

Lavapotion's Heroes of Might and Magic-inspired Songs of Conquest launched into early access back in May. But now, we get a detailed roadmap for this project extending all the way into 2023. Some of the bigger items to look out for include a random map generator, new campaigns, and assorted battle improvements.

Here's more on that:

Hello friends! We are happy to be back with a huge development update. This time we are doing a traditional written blog post, just to make sure that it can be translated to all the various languages the game is available in.

First and foremost, the whole team wants to send out a big thank you to our players! Your comments, ideas and feedback means the world to us. We have received so many cool suggestions and just general support. Keep in mind, we already spent over five years developing this game and we are planning to spend a few more to get it just right! To finally have a community to share the game with is just an awesome privilege for our small team.

With that said, it’s now finally time to look forward to what the future holds for Songs of Conquest and you players!

We have tried to listen to the whole community and strike a balance between features that cater to both multiplayer and singleplayer experiences. Simultaneous turns is a huge addition that is currently released on the Public Test Realm. So you can jump right in and try it out at this moment, but don’t expect it to be perfect, just yet! The same goes for difficulty options in the campaigns, which is something many of you wanted! Normal is a little bit easier than before and Hard is a bit tougher.

The random map generator is something many have asked for, to give the game more longevity, and we have heard you all. That is why we are placing it high on our prioritization list. The same goes for more campaigns, so you’ll get one for each of the four factions!

There is lots more good stuff to come. First and foremost, the AI will continue to be worked on during the full Early Access period and beyond. It is at the core of the singleplayer experience and it is super important for us to keep improving it. The same of course goes for general quality of life improvements, bug fixing and optimization.

New factions are also highly requested, and something we've always thought about adding more of. But they are very time-consuming to produce. We want to do it, and we will do it, but we don’t know when.

Keep in mind that the roadmap is a living document. We will always need to weigh in new ideas and general improvements to every planned feature, but this is how our plan looks right now. We will always strive to create the best game possible at each given moment.

Thanks to the success of the Early Access launch we are also expanding and looking for more team members. If you want to work with us as either Community Manager or Lead Artist, check out the job postings on

And finally, thank you to everyone who has decided to take this journey together with us. Please know that the whole team is pretty much going on vacation during July (the Swedish summer is short but sweet!) and we won’t be communicating or developing new features. We’ll be back in action early to mid August, so that’s when you should expect to see updates again!

This song is best sung together!