Stellaris - Beyond the Relays Mass Effect Mod Available

Those of you who believe there's great potential in the Mass Effect universe might be interested in Beyond the Relays, a total conversion mod for Stellaris that essentially turns this 4X grand strategy into a Mass Effect game. The mod features a huge lore-friendly galaxy map, a fully functional Mass Relay Network, several game modes, and a whole heap of Mass Effect races and ships.

Here's the official description:

Mass Effect: Beyond the Relays has currently been in development for a bit over a year, and is a total conversion of Stellaris into a fully developed Mass Effect 4X game. Features include -

A galaxy map representing the entirety of the Mass Effect Universe's Milky Way Galaxy including:
  • 381 custom solar systems, pulled from the in game Galaxy Map, references from lore via in game emails, Specter terminal messages, News Broadcasts, the books, comics, fanfics, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, and the Spectre Expansion and Expanded Galaxy Mods for ME3.
  • A fully functional and the most accurate representation of the Mass Relay Network to date, including representation of multiple Primary Relays per star cluster as well as hyperlanes signifying Secondary Relays.
  • Three different modes of play - traditional Stellaris sandbox with each empire starting on even footing, a "Canon" gamemode starting shortly after the First Contact War, with each species starting with their lore accurate colonies, technologies, and fleets, and a third hybrid mode that will allow players to play as empires that are primarily event driven in the Canon map.
  • Representation not only of the Major races, but also more obscure lore like the Lystheni, Virtual Aliens (Antillans), etc.
  • Unique shipsets for as many empires as possible, permission has been received from Lord_Set from Dawn of the Reapers to utilize their assets, as well as additional assets from multiple individual contributors from DeviantArt. Additionally we have our own inhouse artists working to flesh out our selection of ships further.
  • Unique traits, modifiers, anomalies, events, and resources to fully flesh out the representation of the Mass Effect universe.
  • Full integration of both Real Space and Planetary Diversity.
  • Full integration of the Team Nessassity Mass Effect mod series: Mass Effect Civilizations.
  • Full integration of the now defunct Mass Effect Crucible mod.