King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Accolades Trailer and Free Content Update

NeocoreGames released King Arthur: Knight's Tale just over two weeks ago. But already, they announce the game's first free content update. Launching in June, this update will let you play through a series of new missions as the Fomorians who usually act as the game's antagonists.

And in the meantime, you can watch this accolades trailer:

Some extra info:


Your journey in Avalon has just begun but things won't stop after the launch of course. Besides some hotfixes which are in the works (already released minor ones), the game will receive its first big patch in a form of a free content update in June.

The Chained God

We're happy to announce "The Chained God", the first free seasonal content update for King Arthur: Knight's Tale, coming in June for all players.

In "The Chained God" players will take up the role and will be able to play as the mighty Fomorians, the brutal and terrifying giants of Avalon - the main enemy faction of the Knights of the Round Table. The update features a brand new chain of short story missions, focused on these mystical creatures, introducing new gameplay, new items and expanding the lore.

"The Chained God" is the first of many free content updates coming to Knight's Tale. Besides these, other, longer form content is also in the works, however, details about these will be revealed later.