MythForce Quest System & Roadmap Reveal

Having launched MythForce into early access last month, Beamdog now brings us this here content update. It adds a quest system to the game that will let us unlock a bunch of new perks for our heroes. On top of that, we get a roadmap listing about a year of further updates. Here's more on that, along with some patch notes:


Hello again, folks!

This is Project Director Luke— coming at you with our first bossa-nova Content Update for MythForce!

We’re introducing a brand new Quest System with heroic challenges to take on. What’s your reward for these quests, you ask?

You can unlock 12 new perks, including some brand new mage-focused perks like Fire & Ice attunement, and Painsmith, which increases damage for your damage-over-time effects. Maggie’s fireballs have never been so devastating!🔥

New perks offer a chance for more build experimentation, with tons of “risk and reward.” We hope you enjoy testing them out and look forward to seeing your creative new builds in the dungeon!

Check out more details below!

(And if you want info on the swack of bug fixes from our recent hotfix, click here!)


Now, aside from what’s come out today, you’ve all been very patiently waiting to see what the future holds, so I’m proud to present the Official MythForce Early Access Road Map!


We’re not revealing everything here (we want there to be some surprises), but these are the broad strokes of what’s coming up! Between now and 1.0, we’re shooting for 2 more full episodes, plus additions to Episode 1: Bastion of the Beastlord. You can expect major content updates quarterly, with smaller content updates and patches in between (about one update every 3 weeks).

📝Note: This is a collaborative work in progress!

We’ll be working with you, our community, on defining what goes into our future updates— we’ll add more details to the road map as we get closer to each beat! Stay tuned to our socials for more news!


  • Added the quest system - Now there are a large number of gameplay goals that, once achieved, unlock new perks and artifacts for all characters
  • New Perks introduced with the quest system:
    • Giant’s Heart: Adds to max HP and instantly heals you
    • Reckless: Increases the damage of power attacks with melee weapons
    • Shrewd Negotiator: Reduces the price of items in the merchant’s shop
    • Razor’s Edge: Increases all attributes stats while health is low
    • Fire Attunement: Increases fire-type damage
    • Ice Attunement: Increases ice-type damage
    • Rallying Speech: Increases all attributes for all party members
    • Blacksmith’s Blessing: Instantly spawns a weapon appropriate to your level
    • Jeweler’s Insight: Instantly spawns a trinket appropriate to your level
    • Assassin: Increases damage dealt on critical hits
    • Painsmith: Increases damage dealt with “damage over time” effects like ignite and poison
    • Perfectionist: Adds a stacking damage bonus for each enemy defeated until you take damage

  • As multiplayer in MythForce is Peer-to-Peer, you may experience lag or “choppiness” depending on your connection to the host, and the power of their computer
  • On first launch, performance can be low on mechanical hard drives while building shaders in the background
  • There have been rare reports of players crashing on returning to the lobby after a session ends
  • It’s possible to be temporarily stuck moving at walking speed after shield bashing. Raising the shield to block again will reset you to normal move speed
  • Occasionally, Sporefolk will get stuck in their pre-attack animation and temporarily stop moving. Damaging them “re-activates” them
  • On occasion, Beastor will “activate” early, in the room before his combat arena, and will taunt players loudly from a room away
  • On rare occasions, after falling into a pit the player may permanently lose the ability to rotate left and right
  • It’s possible for players to become locked inside the gated treasure nooks in some rooms if some members of the party do not enter the room before other players clear out all enemies within
  • In cases where some players have a slow network connection, it can appear during the Beastor boss battle that Beastor is “teleporting” from one location to another after certain attacks.
  • Some creative platforming in specific room variants can allow players to exit the playable area
  • Rift arrow can sometimes cause colliding creatures and players to be ejected into the air and possibly out of the play area
  • Jumping on top of certain creatures can cause players to be ejected into the air and possibly out of the play area
  • It’s possible to exploit a “safe zone” at the entrance door to rooms, allowing you to shoot into a room without enemies being able to fight back
  • Shield and dagger stamina loss on block is too generous, making it easy to turtle and prevent all incoming damage
  • There are some rare instances where players can become stuck in the world geometry and unable to return to the playable area
  • Dagger attack speed and stagger make it possible to stun-lock regular enemies
  • On rare occasions, the hotbar can appear empty after reviving. Picking up or dropping items repopulates the hotbar
  • The item comparison hotbar popup when looking at an item in the world does not compare “like for like”, reducing its usefulness
  • On occasion, after level transition, the “time of day” may appear inconsistent between players
  • Some seams are visible on ground textures, particularly in connecting corridors
  • Sporefolk can appear to “jitter” back and forth when approaching in combat
  • There is no “key” to pick up when you defeat Beastor. You can just proceed to the final room and use the pedestal