Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Released, Reviews

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters, a successor of sorts to Random Games' Chaos Gate that launched back in 1998, is now live on Steam and the Epic Games Store, priced at $44.99 or your regional equivalent. Developed by Complex Games, this turn-based strategy with RPG elements invites us to fight the forces of Nurgle as a team of Grey Knights.

Here's the official launch trailer:

And the game's description:

Lead humanity’s greatest weapon, the Grey Knights, against the corrupting forces of Chaos in this brutal and fast-paced turn-based tactical RPG. Root out and put a stop to an insidious plot to infect the galaxy with the Bloom, an intergalactic cosmic plague capable of rotting worlds into oblivion.

Armoured in faith, shielded by devotion, the Grey Knights’ very existence is rooted in mystery, enforced with mind-wipes and executions. Experience life in the 41st millennium and follow the journey of these elite warriors in a narrative penned by acclaimed Black Library author, Aaron Dembski-Bowden.


Upgrade your base of operations, build new facilities, conduct research into arcane mysteries and engage in combat missions across multiple worlds to purge the spread. The Bloom corrupts without prejudice; your choices will affect which planets succumb… and survive.


Command your own, personalised squad of Grey Knights; learn a range of diverse skills and psychic abilities, unlock powerful equipment and specialise your champions into four unique standard and advanced classes. Each of your warriors can be customised with voice, armour and facial options to make them your own.


Grey Knights are an elite chapter of Space Marines and are not in the business of making mistakes or missing their shots. The Precision Targeting system puts you in control of your tactical decisions, allowing you to plan your strategy with confidence, whether by taking shots from afar with sure-fire accuracy, or dismembering and dismantling a foe in brutal melee combat!


As the Bloom corrupts worlds, environments will evolve and erupt with deadly hazards and minions, cultists and the infamous Death Guard Chaos Space Marines will mutate with pestilent boons and blessings, giving them new attacks and abilities. Adapt your tried and tested strategies to overcome unsurmountable odds against towering foes and their servants.


Charge headlong into fast-paced tactical combat. Eviscerate and execute enemies up close in gory displays of prowess, or strike from afar with blessed bullets and powerful psychic energies. Use the dynamically destructible environment to your advantage by tearing down pillars or slamming vehicles into unsuspecting enemies.

And below, you'll find several reviews for the game:

PC Gamer 87/100:

With all that said, I imagine fledgling developer Complex Games will patch these issues up sooner rather than later. It would be foolishness bordering on heresy if they didn't, because they've created a bit of a gem here—one that smashes through its safe pre-release image as 'Warhammer 40K meets XCOM' to plant the seeds for its own series. Likewise, it breaks away from the austere stylings of 40K with a vivid, meaty art style that makes corrupted levels and enemy units ooze with character (as well as plenty of pus and bile). Where Daemonhunters could so easily have been 'yet another 40K game' or 'yet another XCOM-like,' it emerges as one of the best offerings on both fronts.

Eurogamer Scoreless:

But these are the kinds of dents in the armour a Space Marine sneers at. Some lacklustre enemy types? A smidge too much busywork on the campaign screen? A title that sounds like something you recite to the police to prove you haven't been drinking? Pshaw, warriors of the Adeptus Astartes do not fret over such trifles. Onward, comrades, and sink your teeth into one of the grandest and, yes, slickest XCOM homages in years.

Rock Paper Shotgun Scoreless:

In the end, though, it was the only option left. I was convinced I'd fail, that if I was suddenly asked to hold out any longer (as missions often do), then I'd be done for. But I healed up as best I could, and used every last action point to manoeuvre my Knights round into a human shield, bracing for defeat as I watched my foes get into position and play their last turn. I winced as one Knight fell to his knees, but the others held firm, and let me tell you, victory had never tasted so sweet. It may not have been the most perfect win, but hot damn, it sure felt good. So embrace the chaos, friends, because Daemonhunters is the absolute business.

WCCFTech 8/10:

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters manages to successfully separate itself from most other tactics games on the market, while also capturing the gritty spirit of Games Workshop’s universe. Daemonhunters’ punishing difficulty spikes may turn some away, but hardcore strategy fans looking for an uncompromising challenge will likely embrace the chaos.

CGMagazine 7.5/10:

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is a great combination of tactics, lore and design that will test your skills in hours of turn-based carnage that fans of the franchise should not miss.

NME 4/5:

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is a solid turn-based strategy game that plays to the strengths of the 40k license. Those without an attachment to turn-based strategy or 40k might struggle to get past the complicated UIs and slight jank, but it’s worth persevering with as it’s an engaging entry in an unloved genre.