Dungeons & Dragons Online: Isle of Dread Expansion Overview

A couple days back, we were invited to pre-order the upcoming Isle of Dread expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online. But now, we also get the proper landing page for this extra bit of DDO content that shares a bunch of art and lists the expansion's key features.

Here are the text parts:


A mysterious island reappears off the coast of Stormreach and Foxpaw has been kidnapped by pirates to be dragged away to the island. To make matters worse, the Cult of Vecna has been sighted in the region. It can't be a coincidence. Prehistoric dangers await any that step onto the island's shores... if they can survive the passage.

Explore the island's mysterious ruins, encounter fearsome foes, gather new powerful items, play as the new Tabaxi race, and uncover what the Cult of Vecna is planning. The Isle of Dread is available for pre-purchase now! Players that pre-purchase the expansion now will receive immediate access to ingame items, cosmetics, and the all-new Tabaxi race!

Key Features

Leap Into the Fray as a Tabaxi

Light on their feet, the fearsome Tabaxi favor dexterity and agility as they hunt, leap, and claw their way through the island’s many dangers. Start playing one today with any pre-purchase.

Achieve More Power with a Level Cap Increase

With the Isle of Dread expansion, DDO's level cap will increase to 32! Refine your character and amass even more prestige and glory with two more levels.

Survive the Island’s Terrors

Take on Triceratops, T-Rex, and other infamous dinosaurs! If you can survive the prehistoric titans, Kopru, Ettercaps, and more await to pose a threat to even the most stalwart of adventurers.

Set Out for Adventure

The classic module comes to life in all new quests and a massive adventure area filled with dangerous dinosaurs! Traverse tarpits, navigate ancient ruins, and uncover Vecna’s devious plans.

Gather and Craft New Gear

Show off your victories with the all new customizable Dinosaur-bone crafting system, new pirate-inspired gear, new Sentient Artifacts to hunt for, and new Augments to refine your gear!

Get More With the Collector’s Edition or Ultimate Fan Bundle

With many items delivered immediately, including the Raptor Hireling and exclusive cosmetics, choose the edition that’s right for you! See our Market page for more information.