Expeditions: Rome Accolades Trailer and Patch

THQ Nordic and Logic Artists released Expeditions: Rome last week to some fairly warm reception. And as a result, we can now check out the official accolades trailer for Rome that highlights some of the praise the game's been getting. Check it out:

Then, you might want to familiarize yourself with the fairly modest patch notes for the game's first post-release update:

Hey we have patched a large number of localisation issues / crashes
  • A large update to the game's localisation for all languages. There are still a few translation updates that will be added in future patches
  • A number of crash fixes for improved overall game stability.
  • A fix for a progression issue involving the encounter with Cassius during the Whack the Mole quest.
  • Fixed an issue with the Deianeira character appearing in sections of the game she is not supposed to be based on story decisions. There may still be one remaining scene she could show up in based on story decisions which we are investigating for an upcoming patch