Gothic 1 Remake Development Update

Alkimia Interactive, the team behind the upcoming Gothic Remake, brings us this quick development update where they let us know that the project's development "is progressing on all fronts." We also get a sneak peek of one of the game's monsters, and a call for community manager applications.

Here are the text parts:

Back in March, we released a render of the actual in-game Scavenger created for the Gothic Remake to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Gothic. Since it’s been a while, we thought we would post another update.

We really enjoyed the critical discussions and constructive feedback that came out of this post and so we will continue releasing key elements of the game that way.

Today we're bringing you a sneak peak of our interpretation of the Minecrawler.

We can assure you that they’re even more terrifying moving around in-game. We also came up with a small additional twist to these creatures, but there’ll be more on that in a later update.

Generally, we are very pleased to share that the development of the Gothic Remake is progressing on all fronts. We have assembled a team of over 35 specialized developers at our Barcelona office and are working with several contractors and outsources in addition. Gothic may be more than 20 years old, but the scope of this game cannot be underestimated.

We are also still looking for additional people to join our team. If you’re interested, you can check our open positions here:

Today, we want to put a special spotlight on the open position of Community Manager at Alkimia Interactive! We are looking for a versatile person to join us at our Barcelona office and help with coordinating our communication efforts and community presence, among other things. The most important part is to be passionate about Gothic and proficient in English and German (ideally Polish or Russian as well). You can find more details here: