Knights of the Chalice II Update - Bug Fixes, Icons, and Expanded Editor Guidebook

Heroic Fantasy Games is looking to release their D&D-based RPG Knights of the Chalice II on Steam and GOG sometime in January 2022. And in the meantime, the game's Kickstarter backers are treated to this update that fixes a decent number of bugs, adds some new icons for the module editor, and expands the module editor guidebook.

Here are the patch notes:

New Content & Features in KotC 2 Augury of Chaos
  • Saved games will now save your difficulty settings and retrieve them when you load a game. I had to add this feature to the game because a number of Steam and GOG achievements will take into account your difficulty settings.
  • If you call on the Angel named Lyrian to help you against the Soul Sucker Mastermind, and keep her alive during the battle, she will reward you at the end of the battle. Also, if you called on her both in this fight and in the fight against Pizarra, and you kept her alive during both battles, then you will receive more experience and you will be given a choice of reward.
  • In the Tutorial Adventure, added some text before the fight with the Giant Spiders, and you now have the option to receive a Surprise Round.
  • Improved the descriptions of many Character Conditions in the help system. Thank you for all the help with that, Sangarunya!
  • Added to the Module Editor a total of 76 new 64 x 64 dialogue icons. They are based mainly on the new Steam / GOG achievement icons I've created.
  • Added to the Augury of Chaos Guidebook archive file the set of 100 Steam-Achievement PNG icons I've just created. The size of all these icons is 256 x 256. Also added to the archive file a large image created by Roman Hodek and the old Character-Class Illustrations I created a long time ago for KotC 2.
  • Created version 1.01 of the Module Editor Guidebook. The new version adds three questions and answers: how to hide a creature that's not part of any group, how to have NPCs come and go through a map, and how to create a combat encounter featuring one or several destructible objects. The Editor Guidebook is packaged together with the Augury of Chaos Guidebook.
  • Separately, I was able to acquire the latest Campaign Cartographer 3+ Humble Bundle. Thank you for the tip, Paulo! The new Humble Bundle expires in about seven days. Among other things, the bundle contains the Spectrum Overland style for world maps and the ancient Egyptian tomb style for both isometric and top-down dungeon maps. I've done some early work on a new large-scale map of the World of Mindrel using the Spectrum Overland style. The existing map of Mindrel can be found here.
List of Bug Fixes in KotC 2 Version 1.20
  • Fixed a crash to desktop when casting spells in combat right after starting a new game.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from activating characters in the Formation Screen after some creatures had joined your party during the Vanishing Sword quest in the beginning of Augury of Chaos.
  • Fixed a bug when starting a new game with characters who have the same name as an existing NPC or monster in the module. Thank you Ipse for highlighting this issue!
  • Fixed an issue concerning the position of party members during the dialogue occurring before the battle against Pizarra in the High Sewers in Augury of Chaos.
  • Fixed a bug in script execution in the Tutorial Adventure when you examine the Ancient Scroll in the very beginning of the module. That bug concerned the End Script command occurring after the Else command.
  • In the Tutorial Adventure, fixed some issues with the tokens of companions, quest items and encounter difficulty. Thank you Juhani for highlighting these issues!
  • Sometimes, in-game achievements for defeating a creature would be awarded to the wrong party member if the creature in question was killed on its own turn by an attack of opportunity. Now, in this case, the in-game achievement will be given to the Avatar. Also, if the creature was defeated by a summoned creature, and this summoned creature was summoned by a party member, then the game will give the in-game achievement to the summoner.
  • Added a new in-game achievement when you destroy the Earth Elemental summoned by the group of rowdy Dwarves inside the inn in the beginning of Augury of Chaos.
  • In the Character-Creation screen, when you've opened the token selection box or the sprite selection box, the buttons for Help, Cancel and Continue will be disabled until you close the selection box.
  • Fixed a bug in the macOS version when NPCs are leaving a map. They were disappearing too quickly.
Next Steps for Knights of the Chalice 2

Compared to the previous update, the next steps remain unchanged:
  • Prepare the Steam and GOG versions, and in particular the Steam and GOG achievements.
  • Create a two or three minute video in particular to showcase the isometric and sprite graphics, since they're missing from all the material I created earlier.
  • Prepare some new screenshots in order to showcase the isometric and sprite graphics.
  • Work on all the other requirements for the Steam and GOG launch.
  • This is not super urgent, but the PDF Guidebook needs a section about Finchbury, another for the ruined version of Finchbury, and another for the Tutorial Adventure.
I am now aiming for an Official Release in late January. I will let everybody know once the release date has been set and I will Count On Everyone to Help Spread the Good Word when the time comes! ^_^

As always, if you find bugs or if you have any feedback, thoughts and suggestions, please feel free to let me know here, or in the Forums, or by email at enquiries [at]

Thank You For Your Stalwart Support, Mighty Knights and Wise Wizards of the Realm!! Enjoy! :-)