GB Feature: Disciples: Liberation Review

The Disciples series is back after a 12-year hiatus, with Frima Studio's installment once again seeking to scratch the fantasy-set, turn-based strategy itch. We've let you know if they succeeded in that endeavor in our five-page review, and we'll get you started with a few paragraphs below:
Most of the game's quests will allow you to increase or decrease your reputation with the races, and more often than not, pleasing one race makes at least one other mad at you. During your first playthrough, you'll probably be able to max out relations with one of the races, and that's it. However, after you beat the game, you'll unlock what's essentially a New Game+ mode that sends you back in time and tasks you with maxing out relations with everyone with the help of some new dialogue options. Doing so is supposed to unlock some secret boss fight and ending.

Speaking of dialogues, the game has that thing where the options you get to click express the general idea of what your character is about to say, but at least it has the decency to clearly mark the attitude of each line. You get friendly replies, angry replies, inspiring replies, romantic replies. So many romantic replies.

You know how RPGs tend to have romances and some people love them while others can't stand them? Well, Liberation is on a completely different level in this department. Sure, you can have a romance with one of your companions (you get two for each of the game's races, plus your starting childhood friend). But pretty much everywhere you go, you get opportunities for casual hookups that the game delights in describing to you.