Star Wars: The Old Republic - Legacy of the Sith Preview and Q&A

With the Legacy of the Sith expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic scheduled to go live on December 14, 2021, we can now check out this WCCFTech preview highlighting some of the expansion's new features and sharing a quick little Q&A with the game's creative director Charles Boyd.

Here's a sample question and you take it from there:

When asked about the mechanical changes coming with Star Wars: The Old Republic - Legacy of the sith, Charles Boyd, the creative director, stated:

We've got a variety of things. Some are a little more subtle, some are much bigger. There's a lot of general modernisation happening; we're updating several of our UI pieces in 7.0 and quite a few more in the year to follow.

A lot of that is for modernisation, just a refresh and making it more usable. Some of it's to make things scale better on 4K monitors that didn't exist when we shipped the game. But a lot of them are as a result of some of the other mechanical features, like combat styles, which is one of our biggest changes.