Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - The Jade Sea and Siege Turtle Previews

The End of Dragons expansion for Guild Wars 2 should be going live in a few months, and as a result, we can now check out a couple of quick previews for it. First, here's the official preview for the Jade Sea, one of the expansion's new areas:

Then, you should proceed to this PC Gamer article that shows off the new ridable Siege Turtles we'll be able raise once the expansion goes live. Check it out:

And a quick excerpt from the article itself:

You don't so much ride the Siege Turtle as drive it. Fittingly, for such a large animal, it handles like a truck, starting slow but building speed as you move. It even has a speedometer, which lives above the endurance bar—similar to the Skyscale's flight meter. As you approach top speed, entering the speedometer's red zone, the Siege Turtle becomes harder to handle, drifting into corners as it struggles to control its own momentum. This sense of constantly changing speed gives the Siege Turtle its own personality among the growing roster of mounts, and helps it achieve the base goal of being fun to interact with.

Thought has clearly been given as to how the Siege Turtle fits into the current stable. It does a little bit of everything, but not as well as the mount custom designed for that particular role. At full sprint it's faster than a Skyscale's standard speed, but slower than a Raptor using regular dashes. It has jump jets that let it lift into the air, but it can't reach as high as a Springer's jump. It can travel through water, but unlike the elegantly floating Skimmer, it simply sinks to the bottom and walks along the surface.