ELEX II Interview

Piranha Bytes' creative director Björn Pankratz and game designer Jennifer Pankratz recently had an opportunity to talk about their upcoming open-world RPG ELEX II with the folks over at GamingBolt. The resulting interview covers the game's new and improved features, choices and consequences, and the general scope of it all.

Here's a quick excerpt to get you started:

Choice and consequence mechanics are clearly going to play an important role in the game, but exactly how much freedom will they offer to players? How radically will the story shift and react to these choices?

The world reacts heavily to the player’s choices, even entire battles are happening or not happening because of the what the player did. Some consequences will be happening directly, some much much later, spanning over different acts. So certain choices in one act will affect your story in another one. The choice of the faction you join is an important part of that experience, too. It works just as in ELEX – but we even improved and expanded it. It’s more complex and dense, with more consequences and bigger impacts and more surprises in different storylines. Storylines are even longer than they used to be and will have many “oh!” moments.