Spiders Studio - RPG Mechanics Survey

Spiders Studio, the team behind such RPGs like The Technomancer and GreedFall, are currently working on a more Dark Souls-inspired project with Steelrising. However, they're already thinking about another RPG first, action second action-RPG. And in order to help them figure out where they'd like to go with it, you can now participate in this here survey.

Here's more on that:

Welcome to this survey!

Following our latest games, we continue to work on exciting new projects that we look forward to sharing with you. We remain committed to RPGs, and while our latest announced game (Steelrising) offers a different experience from our previous projects in terms of gameplay, we still entertain a lot of ideas for more narrative-focused games. We want to continue to develop them further, and we are already thinking about a future project similar to GreedFall.

The purpose of this survey is to assess your expectations regarding various RPG mechanics in order to help us make this future project as good as it can be.

It should only take you a few minutes to complete it. Feel free to be as honest as possible, all opinions are important. Thank you for your help!