Monomyth Kickstarter Campaign Concluded, Interview

With a total of €38,975 pledged, Rat Tower Software's Kickstarter campaign for their Ultima Underworld-inspired dungeon-crawling RPG Monomyth is now officially over. In the end, the game managed to reach three of its stretch goals, namely Expanded Soundtrack, Expanded Language Support, and Expanded Immersive Simulation.

And now that the project is one step closer to seeing the light of day, you might want to check out this recent RPGWatch interview with the developers. Here's a couple of sample paragraphs:

RPGWatch: Is there some place with more NPCs? Or do you mostly go through deserted locations with few NPCs?

Rat Tower: Monomyth is set in the fortress of Lysandria, respectively in the underworld beneath it. The inner fortress will be inhabited by several NPCs, who will talk and trade with you, as long as you do not attack or threaten them. In the underworld, you will have a significantly harder time finding a civilized conversational partner. There are some non-hostile NPCs roaming the area - predominantly other adventurers. Not all of these individuals are trustworthy though.

RPGWatch: You mention "keyword-based conversations coupled with dialogue trees" in your KS page. What does it mean? Should we expect dialogue trees for main topics + an option to ask NPCs for other topics (words) that you need to manually type?

Rat Tower: There won’t be any manual typing but you will be able to question NPCs on different topics you heard about in the game world. These topics are represented through keywords you collect from conversations or documents.

In a similar way, you can ask an NPC about more specific things they just mentioned during the conversation. Asking an NPC about a certain thing may present you with a short bit of information or a full, branching dialogue tree.