Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor Funded With $45,331 and Counting

With little fanfare or acknowledgement, Spiderweb Software's Kickstarter campaign for Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor has climbed past its initial $40,000 goal and is now looking to hit some stretch goals, starting with an iPhone port at $60,000.

And in lieu of any official updates, you might want to check out this recent post-mortem for the previous entry in Spiderweb's latest series instead.

A few sample paragraphs:

Choice 3: Building An Empire (Needs Work!)

The most unique quality of Queen's Wish is that most of your power comes by building your forts. You take over forts. Then you finish dungeons and quests to get resources. (Wood, Stone, Iron, Etc.). Then you use those resources to upgrade your forts. This gives you the power (as abilities and equipment) to beat tougher dungeons.

I love this system. I love that your power comes from industry and making a strong nation and that your best equipment is what you make yourself. It is unique in RPGs and fits perfectly with the plot and setting. Also, making buildings and shops and defenses appear just feels really satisfying.

However, there was a problem. Since the system was so new and complex (and took a long time to design), I couldn't put too many options in it. It was hard enough just balancing its current simple form.

But now the system is in. It works. And so I can expand it. Queen's Wish 2 will have a lot of new options for developing your characters and your Empire. Players repeatedly asked for more choices to make, and they will get them.