Wartales - The Enemies of Wartales

Following their lore and combat Q&As for Wartales, Shiro Games now brings us this quick overview of the game's enemy types and their preferred habitats. So, if you'd like to know who or what you'll be fighting in Shiro's upcoming mercenary RPG, you should check this out:

Attention Mercenaries!

Welcome to the third of our weekly Q&A's with the wartales development team!

This week, Quentin, our Lead Game Designer/Producer returns to talk about the variety of enemies you will encounter, rumours of ghostly wolf packs, champions to be overcome and exactly what to expect of the different foes that will taste the steel of your sword in Wartales.

Read on to find out more...

What kind of enemies will I come across throughout my travels?

"Wartales is set in a world directly inspired by medieval Europe. In this sense, the enemies you meet during your first steps will often be human beings with sometimes questionable morals. In Wartales, anything can be your closest ally or your worst enemy. If bandits attack caravans full of goods, you can defend these honest merchants for a little gold and recognition. Unless you want to join forces with the thieves to share the loot. You can also try to keep order by hunting down deserters alongside the Guard, but be careful not to carry stolen goods with you: they could turn against you and send your comrades to prison! Alternatively, if you're dreaming of glory and a cheering crowd screaming your name, you can always fight the highly-trained gladiators in arenas in an effort to take out the local Champion!

If you prefer adventure and exploration of ancient ruins with buried secrets, you can expect to fight cultists amidst mole-rats and crawlers, unkind troglodytes that have taken up residence in these tombs. But if you step into the forest, don't be surprised if you're attacked by a pack of hungry wolves or a herd of boars trying to protect their offspring.

While Wartales is quite realistic, some of the animals we know have grown up a bit. If you're walking through the marshes and you hear a deafening buzz, it's probably because the giant mosquitoes are on your tail. Luckily, there are rumours that there exists a fly swatter that is just the right size for these monsters. If you hear scratching under your feet, it's because the swarming plague rats are trying to make their way to the surface to spread the plague around the world and bring food back to their mother."

Are the enemies region specific?

"Yes, of course. We try to create a coherent world with different microclimates and social settings. While some of the enemies are found all over the world, like the Guard for example (think of them as a kind of global police force), some of them are actually connected to particular regions. You won't find the same people in the high mountains of Alazar as in the Belerion archipelago. Firstly, because some animals have adapted to the environment in which they live (cold, darkness, etc.) and secondly, because the rules in force in the Kingdoms of Wartales allow for the emergence of factions and armed groups with distinct and specific values and fighting techniques. Explore the vast world of Wartales and discover the local fauna, flora, customs and folklore!"

Will there be any supernatural or mystical enemies that I may encounter?

"If you dream of displaying an even greater trophy in your camp: it may be time to track down the legendary Ghost Pack, but few have actually crossed its path to say what it looks like. Rumours abound of a blanket of fog, screams, blood... but who knows how much merit these claims have?

And if you're still not satisfied, rumour has it that there are mysterious entities whose secrets are just waiting to be revealed... "

Speaking of which, what was that thing at the end of the trailer...?

"Something you'd better not get too close to ;)"