Solasta: Crown of the Magister Update - Patch Notes and Digital Rewards

Having released the Sorcerer DLC for Solasta: Crown of the Magister earlier this month, the Tactical Adventures team now brings us a quick patch that mainly fixes some Sorcerer-related bugs, but also a few other issues on top of that. Together with the patch notes, we get a quick word on the game's digital Kickstarter rewards. Have a look:

Hi there people,

We're back with a new 1.1.11 Hotfix before summer break rolls in full force, to fix a few bugs that you folks brought up to our attention.

Patch Notes:
  • [Sorcerer] Added Blue Dragon Ancestry (Lightning) in Character Creation.
  • [Sorcerer] Draconic Sorcerer Elemental Affinity should now properly apply to all spells that deal their ancestor's elemental damage, such as Fireball and Burning Hands for Gold Dragon Sorcerers.
  • [Sorcerer] Empowered Spell Metamagic now correctly costs 1 Sorcery Point instead of 2.
  • [Sorcerer] Empowered Spell Metamagic now correctly rerolls 1s and 2s instead of only 1s.
  • [Sorcerer] Fixed a rare crash on level-up if the Sorcerer had too many spells known for their current level.
  • [Item] Potion of Fly should now correctly grant you Fly instead of Levitate.
  • [Item] Staff of Metis are no longer restricted to Wizards.
  • [Quest] Fixed a bug where Arwin Merton could be controllable but not considered in the party. You are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of Master.
  • [Quest] Fixed a bug in Cradle of Fire where Brok would just chill next to the Arena instead of helping you fight Arrok. Must have just forgot the time. Note: If your main quest is stuck after killing Arrok due to that bug, you'll need to load a save from before you start the fight with Arrok and that should fix it.
  • [Quest] Fixed a bug where the exit to the Legendary Quest would not appear unless you touched the wooden sign next to the fireplace for uh... reasons I guess. Now the exit always appears once the quest is complete. Note that if you are stuck there, just have one party member interact with the wooden sign next to the fireplace (press ALT to highlight it).
  • [Quest] Fixed an issue where characters with the highest skill modifier were not always selected for the respective skill check in the Caer Lem Door Cutscene. Note that this only fixes this specific dialog, so if you find that this issue occurs somewhere else please send us save files / screenshots!
  • [Shop] Powerful magic items no longer restock once bought (such as the Tomes which grant +2 permanent stat)
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue where the UI could disappear between characters' turn.
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue where banters would no longer be played when getting healed. Always thank your healer!
  • [Dungeon Maker] Poisons should now appear in the list of items available in chests
Kickstarter Digital Rewards:

We just sent the Kickstarter Digital Rewards through CrowdOx, you should receive a mail within 24h with a link to download them! Those are (depending on your backer tier):
  • The Digital World Map (2 of them)
  • The near-complete Sourcebook PDF (Standard version, not proofread yet)
  • The Dev Docs