Monomyth Kickstarter Campaign Live - First-person Dungeon Crawler

Described by its developers as an immersive, first-person dungeon crawling RPG in the vein of Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis, and the King’s Field series, Rat Tower Software's Monomyth is currently looking to raise some funds through Kickstarter.

With the initial goal set at roughly $19,500 and 28 days still to go, the project is currently sitting at $14,195, which essentially makes it a sure thing. And if you'd like to know what to expect from this game, you can check out its Kickstarter demo over here.

But, if you'd like to learn a thing or two about it first, here's the official Kickstarter trailer:

And some additional information:

MONOMYTH is an immersive, first-person dungeon crawling RPG in the vein of Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis, and the King’s Field series.

Travel through an open, highly interactive game world, unrestricted by scripted sequences, hard-coded barriers, or tiled movement.

Use swords, daggers, hammers, maces, bows, or a wide range of versatile spells to overcome your enemies in real-time combat!

Remain unseen and unheard by sneaking through the shadows of eerie dungeons deep below the surface of the world.

Talk with the inhabitants of the underworld via a detailed, keyword-based dialogue system. Trade with them or press them for information. But don’t go too far or you may suffer the consequences!

Experiment with a wide range of utility items: Speed potions, water arrows, lockpicks, and many more!

A highly interactive world awaits you! Douse torches, bake bread, drink from fountains, and even play instruments!

Unravel the mysteries of Lysandria as you uncover hidden passages, dive through flooded caves, and overcome the living nightmares that inhabit the ancient halls far below the mighty fortress.

  • Open (under)world exploration
  • Dungeon crawling without grid-movement
  • Detailed character system with eight unique attributes
  • Eleven diverse skills (from Athletics to Lockpicking)
  • Emergent gameplay through spells and utility items
  • Five vast underworld zones filled with secrets and treasure
  • Deadly foes and hidden traps
  • Light and sound-based stealth system
  • Interactive Environments: Can’t open a door? Break it down or blow it up!
  • Over 30 spells and just as many weapons
  • Keyword-based NPC conversations coupled with dialogue trees
  • Designed around freedom: Fight everyone and still finish the game
  • Immersive Microfeatures: Bake bread, Get drunk, play instruments, etc

“As the sun sets on the empires of mankind and civilization crumbles under great storms ravaging the world's surface, the people of Ariath retreat to the underground.

Amidst the chaos of this dying world your father, King Ferodin the Third sent an expedition to the fallen fortress city of Lysandria.

It is said, that within the ruins of the fortress lies the primeval seed - a divine gift that may calm the gods' anger and put an end to the roaring thunder in the sky.

Spearheaded by your own brother, the expedition hoped to retrieve the sacred object but was never heard of again.

Against your father's wish, you decide to travel to Lysandria yourself.

Find your brother and retrieve the divine gift, but beware: The ancient fortress is not as deserted as it seems...”