Crowfall Reviews

ArtCraft Entertainment released their "Throne War" MMORPG Crowfall earlier this month, promising a new take on PvP battles in a constantly changing world. And though properly reviewing an MMORPG can take a while, if you'd like to know what to expect from this ambitious title, you can now check out a couple of reviews and review-adjacent articles below:

PC Gamer 64/100:

There's something to be said for an MMO that's so rigidly designed around doing your part for the collective. Players who are prepared to get stuck in, communicate plenty and sometimes sideline their individual aspirations to do some harvesting or create a character designed for meticulously balanced siege groups may well get absorbed into it. But outside of this bubble, when you’re just hunting PvE mobs or grinding for those rare Disciplines (which you spend a lot of time doing), the experience out in its worlds is so thin that the less hive-minded of us will inevitably drop off.

At its best, Crowfall is a solid PvP MMO with a good throne war system and deep character progression, but it's lightyears away from the player-shaped EVE Online beater it was championed as. Review in Progress:

I’m just now really starting to get my head around all of the end game mechanics in Crowfall. At level 28 I’ve left the tutorial area, joined a guild and am now scouring the internet for tutorials on all of the PVP content Crowfall has to offer. Thankfully my guildmates have been exceptionally patient to date.

If you’re new to a more sandbox, PVP-driven MMO my advice would be to really give it a shot. It’s not like a World of Warcraft or FFXIV. There is absolutely a learning curve that is daunting and at times overwhelming. You’ll need other players, need to be in a guild and need to invest in your community. Honestly, that’s something that’s been lacking in a lot of recent MMOs of late so I’m enjoying the opportunity to get back to it. Keep things locked to for our full review coming soon.

Massively Overpowered Launch Impressions:

I’m still excited to play the game. I struggled to get into it even as a backer, but I see its appeal. That being said, I also enjoyed Horizons and many other MMO (PvP) sandboxes at launch. This is my kind of game, but I’m just not sure how many MMO players would feel the same way. While I still encourage people to give it a shot, I know that it’s very difficult to rebuild a player population if you launch an economy game that relies on gameplay that fails to maintain a playerbase. My fear is that Crowfall may be doing the same. From what I saw of the game’s population in the last month and fairly quiet social media standing, the game will need an Among Us-type trend to get to where ArtCraft can have multiple worlds for players to battle through.