The Waylanders - Alpha 0.33 Available

The latest early access update for Gato Salvaje's Dragon Age-inspired time-travel CRPG The Waylanders overhauls the game's pet system, highlights some Ranger class archetypes, introduces the so-called "Chore Quests," improves the game's tutorial, and more.

Here's a quick look at the game's pets:

And some extra info:

Alpha 0.33 brings a whole bunch of new features, many requested by our community: new pets available, a new type of missions (Chore Quests), improved tutorial, corrections in the camera, and revised enemy distribution... Keep reading to find out more!

Pets Unlocked!

This update gives you access to 5 pets for any Ranger character. Initially, your Ranger character's pet depended on your selected race:
  • Mourian: Panther
  • Werewolf: Wolf
  • Human: Boar
  • Half-Fomorian: Spider
Starting with this update, we’re adding several missions that will unlock these 4 pets for any Ranger. Specifically, they will unlock by completing the Loyalty Quests of these characters:
  • Berath: Panther
  • Mal: Wolf
  • Brigg: Boar
  • Xerion: Spider
But that’s not all! In addition to unlocking these 4 pets for any Ranger, we have added an additional pet. The most dangerous beast of all: the Rabbit.

Despite its charming appearance, the Rabbit hits harder than it looks at first glance. You will be able to unlock this pet through a Chore Quest in which you will have to find Goblin masks (you can read more information about the chore quests below).

Ranger Advanced Class Sneak Peek

Since we’re talking about pets, let’s take a quick look at what’s to come for Rangers. The Ranger class will receive much more content in the final version of the game as Advanced Classes are added. We have 3 advanced classes planned: Hunter, Draconic Master and Saboteur. And to go along with these new classes, we’ll be adding... 7 additional pets (two dragon types, a dog, a deer, a bear, a raven, and a magpie)! Here's a little preview of what to expect in the future[...]

Chore quests

We've added a new type of mission category: Chore Quests! These are small tasks activated by talking to certain NPCs throughout the world of The Waylanders. Complete them to unlock additional lore entries in your Codex as well as some small rewards. One of those rewards is the Rabbit, unlocked by completing the Chore Quest "Where did the Goblins go?"

We've added 5 Chore Quests in this update:
  • The Brotherhood of Blacksmiths
  • The Ultimate Stew
  • Godiva in Love
  • The Beasts of Alucio
  • Where Did the Goblins Go?
Don't forget to talk to NPCs you find in your adventure. You never know who may need your help! More Chore Quests will be added in future updates and when The Waylanders exits Early Access.


We have modified the tutorial, expanding and adding greater detail for sections including:
  • Consumable items
  • How the Ability Queue works
  • Equipment
  • How the Formations work
In addition, we have included tooltips in the first scenarios of the game to guide the player during their initial steps in the world of The Waylanders.

Camera system

We have reviewed camera behavior to improve handling and avoid problems at certain points where players have reported a bad experience. In addition, some changes have also been made to scenarios to avoid obstacles that reduce visibility and impede control of the camera.

Enemy distribution

Building on last month’s update adding new difficulty settings, we’ve reviewed enemy encounters available in Early Access. Some encounters have been improved by adjusting the number, type, and distribution of enemies to improve the gameplay experience on those maps.

  • We have resolved a bug that caused the mouse to not work correctly when interacting with some elements of the stage
  • Minor bugs fixed