Wildermyth Reviews

Worldwalker Games' party-based procedural storytelling RPG Wildermyth graduated from early access last month. And while that initial launch didn't get a lot of coverage, at this point we can read a good number of reviews for this intriguing project from outlets both mainstream and more specialized. Have a look:

Eurogamer Scoreless:

here is victory and sorrow here and genuine camaraderie as you learn more about your party, go through more with them, and inevitably - this itself is always a choice, rather beautifully - lose some in battle. I love the way Wildermyth embraces huge stretches of time, not just the time it takes to build a bridge - tricky if you have to complete a chapter before the summer's gone - but in the way that between chapters of the adventure you earn years of peace, and then you get to see what happens to your players during that peace. By the end of a yarn, you have been through things with these characters, and crucially they have changed. They're older. They've known love and loss. Granted, some of them are now wolves. Some of them even have pets!

Rock Paper Shotgun Scoreless:

But it was just one story. One of dozens I've had, of hundreds I will have, and one of tens of thousands that people have been having of their own this last week. I cannot possibly express to you how brilliant Wildermyth is nor how fully I recommend you play it and get started on your own. It is one of the best games I have ever played and it will bring you more delight than you thought possible.

COGconnected 85/100:

Overall, Wildermyth is a fantastic addition to the CRPG genre that shows how great procedural generation can be when used smartly. I would highly recommend this game for anyone who is a fan of TTRPGs, maybe even with a couple of friends if your playgroup has been looking for something new to tackle.

Keen Gamer 9/10:

Every aspect of the game is fairly simple. Nothing really drags the game down or carries the game alone, though the character stories are a particular strength. What really makes the game shine is that every aspect of the game complements the others. The developers aimed to create a “myth-making tactical RPG”. I'm not sure I knew what that meant going in, but I do now.

The Indie Game Website 9/10:

On the whole I’m incredibly impressed with Wildermyth. While I was skeptical at first about whether its procedurally-generated narrative events and choices would allow for cohesive character development, its stories are so well-written, funny, and relatable that it’s hard not to be invested in the lives of your motley crew of heroes.

RPG Fan 75/100:

Despite my grievances, this is a competent, tightly developed game. I would argue it’s played even a little too safe. Although a genuinely enjoyable experience, I am shocked at the lack of surprises or variety in storytelling and gameplay. This is a perfect example of a game that needs more time in the oven. I can’t imagine the developers will leave this project behind anytime soon, but I certainly hope updates are free and don’t come in the form of paid DLC — at least for a little while. Wildermyth feels unfinished, but the core is sound.