Dying Light 2: Stay Human - Story Background and Interview

Techland's zombie survival RPG Dying Light 2: Stay Human was showcased during this year's PC Gaming show with a lore-focused video that told us a thing or two about the game's protagonist and the world he has to live in.

But perhaps more importantly, we also got this PC Gamer interview with Techland's creative director Adrian Ciszewski that focused on Dying Light 2's impressive day/night system.

So, here's some lore:

And a couple of paragraphs from the interview:

"Night also brings interesting gameplay opportunities," says Ciszewski. "If you travel the world during the day, you're gonna see a lot of Infected in buildings—almost like I Am Legend—who are asleep. They're waiting for night to go hunting. So when they go out at night, they leave those interiors almost empty. And that's an opportunity for you to visit these places."

"The metro system is usually very populated with Infected during the day, but at night you can go there and explore more easily. You might find military containers down there. So the day/night system isn't just a gimmick, it's a part of the world. If a quest involves you going through an underground tunnel, waiting for night will make your life much easier."