Phoenix Point: Festering Skies DLC Available

The Festering Skies DLC is now available for Snapshot Games' XCOM-like Phoenix Point. Priced at $9.99 or your regional equivalent, the DLC expands the game with aerial combat, a new mission type, new enemies, and an extra bit of story. You can grab it on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store.

Here's the official release trailer:

And a quick description along with an overview of the free “Behemoth” content update for the base game:

We're excited to announce the release of FESTERING SKIES, now available to download!

The skies darken with alien vessels, and the Phoenix Project must rise to the challenge against their biggest foe yet in the all-new Festering Skies DLC. Face off against flying Pandorans in the new interception mode: research aircraft, weapons, and modules to counter Pandoran assaults in the skies. Take on new enemies on the ground, as well as new missions and an entirely new mission type. Plus, Festering Skies features its own, original storyline and cinematic cutscenes, and, of course, the Behemoth, a monstrous new threat you must stop before it crushes humanity -- literally.

Festering Skies Includes:
  • NEW Story Missions and Cinematics.
  • NEW Mission Type that occurs on affected faction locations.
  • NEW Interception air combat minigame with its own research, manufacturing, and equipment.
  • NEW Enemies on the Geoscape and Tactical.
Festering Skies comes alongside the free v.1.11 “Behemoth” content update, which includes many upgrades and balancing of key systems as outlined below. Behemoth v1.11 patch notes:

Quality of Life improvements
  • We’ve made multiple improvements and rebalanced the toughness of all destructible objects like walls, doors, windows, etc. The toughness of objects should take into account a better calculation of the size and material type (metal, concrete, wood, etc.) when determining if a shot is able to destroy it.
  • To better help with stealth and awareness, enemy perception range is visualized when hovered, based on the selected soldier.
  • Additionally, Eggs and Sentinels trigger range is visualized when hovered.
  • The cone radius of the Overwatch ability will have a maximum size based on weapon type.
  • Change of the rule for the Supportive Faction Havens. When the player discovers a site that is a Haven of a Supportive Faction, it is revealed.
  • Improved information of the body parts in free aim when mouseover.
Game balancing

We’re continually optimizing the game for all our players, thanks to the feedback gathered from our community. In this first re-balancing effort, we looked at a few abilities and weapons that had the potential to be exploited and tweaked them to align better with our vision for the game. We’ll be keeping an eye on the reception and have other areas we’ll be addressing in the future.
  • Remote Control adjusted from 1AP 3WP to 2AP 2 WP.
  • Sneak Attack now provides 50% damage dealt versus 100% when not spotted.
  • Vanish will now cost 1AP and 3WP, from 0 AP 4WP.
  • Advanced lasers - Scorcher now has a rebalanced Ammo capacity and burst.
A special note for eligible backers: Expansion Pass keys have been sent for Steam. If you backed before March 12th, 2019, and have not received a key, please contact us via email: contact (at) snapshotgames (dot) com and we can look into it for you.

Good luck, everyone!