The Iron Oath Update #58 - Overworld

Apart from its many dungeons, Curious Panda's upcoming turn-based RPG The Iron Oath will feature an expansive overworld map consisting of 5 distinct regions and a total of 18 cities. The latest Kickstarter update for the game showcases that map while also talking about some new features and surprises the team's been working on lately.

Here's the map itself:

And the update's text bits:

Hey everyone, we hope you're all doing well and enjoying the weekend! We've been busy the last few months finalizing and polishing various features of the game, and for this month's update we wanted to primarily share a quick look at our finalized Overworld.

We haven't shown a ton of the map previously, other than a small portion that was in the demo and our most recent trailer. The map has undergone some changes over the course of development and internal playtesting. It now consists of 5 regions (instead of 9) and 18 cities (plus 3 faction hubs). Though it sounds like a significant alteration, the overall size of the map hasn't changed too much. We did this because the original map had some regions that were too similar and redundant (now each region has its own distinct biome), and the size of the counties were too small and cramped with as many cities as we had. We also felt that with our original version it was harder to keep track of and stay connected to the world and its ongoing affairs.

One of the many changes we've done recently was also finalizing our fonts. Judging by past feedback on our previous fonts, I don't think we'll be able to please everyone, but hopefully the majority of you approve! Above all, we want to make sure both the headers and main text are always clear and readable, which wasn't always the case with the previous pixel art fonts we had.

As we continue to finalize and polish things we'll have more to share with you over the next few updates. Next month you can look forward to seeing some combat functionality and quality of life changes that we're excited to share! Here's a sneak peak at one of the QoL changes: visualized movement paths!

Lastly, we wanted to give a shoutout to our composer, Alex, who recently collaborated on an awesome album with Dark Souls composer Yuka Kitamura. You can listen to it for free on Alex's Bandcamp and Youtube. It's very cool to see him teaming up with such a high profile composer and we're thrilled that he's part of our team :)