Pyre Retrospective Interview

With Bastion and Transistor already covered, Pyre is the next Supergiant Games' project to get a detailed Game Informer retrospective. If you're interested in the story behind this very much experimental action-RPG that combines what's essentially a sports game with a deep, non-linear narrative, you should definitely check the article out.

Here's a couple of sample paragraphs:

Development director Gavin Simon sums up Pyre in a way that captures its beauty and also its problem: “With Pyre, we made a game that there probably is no counterpart for in the game industry,” he says.

If anything cost Pyre some of its appeal, it was the difficulty people had understanding exactly what the game was. “I think it was alienating for some of our other fans and very hard to pitch and describe to people,” Zee says.

Kasavin agrees: “If we have trouble clearly articulating what we're working on, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Do we want that?’ I love Pyre. I think some of the best work I've ever done is in that game, but the part where it was hard to describe to people? I don't love that part.”.

Pyre launched and received stellar reviews, but it didn’t match the sales or status of Bastion and Transistor. However, Pyre did what it needed to. “What we look for in our games is, ‘Did it do well enough for us to be able to keep going? And is it a capable game? Do some of our players love it the most out of all our games?’ [Pyre] absolutely hit those checkmarks for us,” Kasavin says.