System Shock Remastered Edition Update #78

According to this Kickstarter update, Nightdive Studios intends to replace the original System Shock opening cinematic with a playable intro scene for their Remastered Edition. The link above holds some screenshots and sample art, so be sure to check them out. And here are a few bits of text to get you started:

Welcome back Hackers,

We hope that you have been enjoying the demo, but it’s time to get back to monthly updates!

In the original game, you watch the scene play out as the Hacker is apprehended and brought to Citadel Station. Now, we want you to be able to experience that moment first hand. So let's get a look at what could be seen in the original footage of the Hackers apartment.

Not much to be seen right? Now let's see a more revealing view.

In the last update, we showed a few images of the reimaging of the space, but here it is coming together.

To start off, we have concepts of the tiles that build out the main area of the apartment, from original System Shock artist, Robb Waters.


Immersive, right? I hope you look forward to playing out the intro this time and not just watching it!