Dragon Age II - David Gaider on Cut Content

Some of the most memorable things about Dragon Age II are its paratrooping enemies and copy-pasted levels. But disappointing as it was, the game did suffer from a tight development schedule and cut content. And in order to shed some light on what the second Dragon Age was originally supposed to be, the game’s lead writer David Gaider recently took to Twitter.

Twitter being an unreadable mess, we can now instead check out his messages all neatly arranged in this IGN article. Here’s a quick excerpt to give you a general idea of what you’ll find inside:

One of the first things Gaider would change was to either "restore the progressive changes to Kirkwall we'd planned over the passing of in-game years or reduce the time between acts to months instead of years."

Despite many saying the team should have gotten "rid of repeated levels," Gaider doubled down and shared that he wanted "Kirkwall to feel like a bigger city. Way more crowded. More alive! Fewer blood mages."

He also wanted to "restore the plot where a mage Hawke came THIS close to becoming an abomination. An entire story spent trapped in one's own head while trapped on the edge of possession. Why? Because Hawke is the only mage who apparently never struggles with this. It was a hard cut."