Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance - Beholder Boss Battle Trailer

Following the recent official gameplay trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, IGN brings us another trailer for Tuque Games’ upcoming action-RPG, one that's all about a Beholder boss battle. And it comes together with a quick developer interview providing some background on the whole affair. Check it out:

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

"In the [tabletop] D&D lore, each eye stalk has its own magic ability," Neibert explains, "but due to technical limitations, giving each eye stalk an independent animation and effect was well out of scope. As a result, we decided to select the most interesting effects from a gameplay perspective, and use the central eye as the conduit for all of Hagedorn’s abilities."

The tabletop Beholder's eye rays have a variety of powers – from paralyzing enemies to what's basically an insta-kill death beam – and from the trailer above it seems like we'll see a strong variety of these powers brought to bear in Dark Alliance. We also get a good look at the creature's lair, and while we may not see the truly wild lair actions (like a massive cosmic eye opening on a random wall to shoot lasers at players), the team is aiming to keep the feel of classic boss fights from both tabletop and video games.