The Way of Wrath Updates, $32,201 and Counting

Animmal Studio’s Kickstarter campaign for The Way of Wrath is now in the final stretch with $32,201 pledged and roughly four days still to go. So, before things are officially wrapped up, now’s our chance to find out a few extra details about the game’s systems.

First, there’s update #17 with an article on equipment design. Update #18 focuses on the game’s open world design. Update #19 announces an intermediate stretch goal and talks about branching character stories. And finally, update #20 is all about fort management.

Here’s more on the latter:

Fort Management

You are the commander of the resistance and your people will look up to you to guide them through the epic siege to come.

Your main pillar of defense in these efforts is an old fortress. At first, it is a ruined, ragged place, and the morale of your allies is at its lowest. There is no shelter, food, or much of a hope of surviving what is to come. People huddle in nooks and crannies amidst collapsed towers and buildings, shunning company and dreaming of warmth while freezing to their deaths.

Through the player’s effort, things can be turned around. At first, you must capture outposts in the wilderness and start gathering natural materials like wood, clay, bronze, iron.

You can use materials in crafting and in special building projects. Through which you can repair your defenses, build traps, and siege equipment. You can improve outposts, and unlock access to special areas by clearing rubble or building new bridges.

The story of The Way of Wrath is told through time. Days to be precise. Each new day in the game is a story turn that advances the state of the world and the Fort is one place where this advancement is most felt.

Each project takes time to complete. And you need to assign your allies to build them. The story is part of each activity in The Way of Wrath and all the characters have their agendas. Nothing is as simple as giving an order through the UI screen.

Making sure allies follow through with instruction given to them will be a constant concern for the player. Simple jobs can turn into several day-long quests, and morale, discipline, personalities, and competencies of the allies who are assigned the tasks can have serious consequences.

Progress on the Fort and recruitment of new allies unlocks many activities, quests, and experiences. From different crafting stations like a furnace, medicine mixing table, and shaman circle, open flame cooking or brewing stews in pots, to dueling ring and various minigames you can play with companions. Decorating your quarters with trophies, capturing animals for your farm pens. There are a lot of fun things to do.

Clear rubble, fix the roofs, light the fires and create shelters. Food, alcohol, and the warmth of fires can bring people together. Progress on the defenses and player’s acts of valor can inspire hope.

(Or perhaps harsh disciple and tyrannical order will be what gets the job done?) From a desolate and grim place, you can transform your fort into a formidable bastion, with strong allies at your side ready to battle the enemy to the last breath.