The Way of Wrath Updates, $24,321 and Counting

Animmal Studio’s Kickstarter campaign for The Way of Wrath is steadily trucking along, now sitting roughly $3,000 away from its initial goal. And if you’d like to learn more about this pre-historic RPG, the recent campaign updates cover the game’s ancient world inspirations and the companions you’ll be able to recruit during your journey. There’s also a fan art contest.

Here’s more on your potential party:


When Thein younglings come of age. They are measured and judged by their abilities by the Tribe elders. Some are chosen to be craftsmen, artisans of different trades. Rare few children will be adopted by the shamans. Most become Earthbound, lowest caste among the Thein, destined for the most menial of labors.

And the castle most of the Thein children aspire to join are the warriors of the tribe. Those who survive the brutal training seek out and bond with other warriors to form small battle groups they call packs.

Packs are bonded for life. If too many of the pack fall in battle, the survivors are expected to travel back to their village and take an honored place as battle masters and teachers of the young.

This is a sacred duty of each warrior and can be broken only in one circumstance. When the gathering of Thein tribes marches to war, the “orphaned” packs, who have too few warriors to hold together, might “adopt” other such warriors into their pack and continue to fight for the Thein people.

You can recruit characters into your pack, your party, and they will fight by your side and aid you in exploring the dangerous world of The Way of Wrath.

You can form bonds and friendships, or rivalries with your companions. And some you can even romance.

Here are some of the characters you can “adopt” into your pack.


“I’m Eshma. Wretched outcast, ill omen in the flesh. Bringer of bad luck. Let me fight by your side and I will burn, hack and grind your enemies into the dust. ”

An orphan of war, Nuria was adopted into a group of enigmatic renegade shamans called Eshma. Molded into a fearsome tool of war Nuria wreaks terror on the battlefield with her terrifying shaman powers.

After the Thein war was lost, Nuria had fallen out with her Eshma sisters, and she is now looking for new allies. Those who dare risk the wrath of Thein Skybound shamans by joining cause with Eshma will find Nuria to be a powerful and loyal ally.

The newfound freedom from the cause of the Eshma, has forced Nuria to question her role in the world.


Few are who have faced the savage fury of the primal predators and lived to tell the tale. Tygrid has made a life out of it.

His experience has kept many a young Thein hunter from ending up in the belly of the fearsome beasts. But you’ll never hear the hunter boast of his feats. Reserved, quiet, and contemplative, Tygrid feels more at home within the noble simplicity of wild nature, than amidst endless machinations of his own kind.

His habit of always telling the truth has put Tygrid at odds with many of the Tribesmen. And his love of questioning the nature of life and the universe has forced quite a few Thein to drown out the existential dread caused by his questions with some hard alcohol.

In battle, Tygrid fights with berserk savagery and cunning of the wild beasts.


For as long as you remember Nemme has been there with you. Through countless battles and perils, she'd been one constant you could rely on.

Wild, reckless, and adventurous in her youth, Nemme has changed greatly after her daughter Saya was born. By Thein law, she should have given up her child to the Tribes, to be raised in the safety of the villages. But not even the council of elders and shamans could separate her from her child.

You watched her raise Saya through all the horrors of the ten-year war. Tearing through anything and anyone who threatened you or her daughter.

Nabo Z’vara

Few people would choose a climax of the ten-year war as a prime time to get on top of a donkey and venture into a site of the impending massacre on a quest to chart the first map of the impenetrable northern wastes. Nabo Z’vara is one of those people.

Shrewd negotiator, accomplished trader, and a well-traveled man of the world. Nabo owes allegiance to no one but his own grand ambition to immortalize his name and legacy.

Nabo’s experience and cunning will be a true asset to your cause. As long as you can bring yourself to trust the sneaky bastard.


Young, fiercely inquisitive, and roguishly cunning Samaya was born in a world too small for her wild imagination.

She inherited all the survival skills and traditions of her tribe and pushed them to new heights with her inventions. You will find no one better to guide you through the countless dangers of the White Grave valley.

Ever in conflict with the strict traditions of her village, Samaya is more than eager to join the free-spirited Thein and she’ll make for a valuable ally and companion. As long as you maintain her rather loose standards of code of conduct. Or as she likes to put it: “Don’t be a ****, and you’ll do fine by me.”