Disco Elysium Interview - Console Ports, Extra Content, and Dumb Deaths

The Final Cut of ZA/UM Studio’s detective RPG Disco Elysium will be coming to the current and next-gen PlayStation consoles in March, and as a result, we can now check out this Push Square interview with Justin Keenan, one of the game’s writers.

While primarily aimed at the game’s potential new console audience, the interview also shares some platform-agnostic information about the Final Cut, including its new political vision quests, expanded animations, full voice-acting, and more.

Here’s an excerpt to get you started:

When the game does come to PS5 and PS4 in March, it'll also come packaged with extra content. What can fans who have already played the game expect from those new quests and location? Are they designed to expand on the world or will they directly influence the main story?

We’ve added a few new things for players to discover here and there, but the heart of the new material are these political vision quests. These are four mutually exclusive quests, one keyed to each of the game’s four major ideological alignments. These quests (or some version of them) have actually been planned for a long time, but unfortunately they didn’t make it into the original release, so the Final Cut has been a great chance to revisit some ideas that have been on our minds for a while and really do them right.

By design, these quests won’t have a major bearing on the game’s main storyline. Really, these quests are meant to give players the chance to bring some of the story’s ideological themes to a satisfying conclusion and explore what’s really going on behind the political posturing that the protagonist sometimes likes to engage in.

I should also say that each of these quests is unique — they’re as different from one another as they are from any of the other quests in Disco Elysium. Some introduce you to new characters, some come with new items, others permanently change your UI or some other piece of the world. I really don’t want to say anything more about them than that.