Ni-Oh 2: Complete Edition Previews

Ni-Oh 2: Complete Edition will be coming to Steam on February 5, 2021, following about a year of PlayStation exclusivity. And if you wouldn’t mind giving this samurai-themed Dark Souls-inspired action-RPG a go, you might be interested in these here PC-specific previews:

PC Gamer:

I've been cruising through Dark Souls 2 lately and beat FromSoftware's Sekiro in December, but the skills I put to use in those games don't really carry over to Nioh 2, which demands even more careful timing of your attacks and punishes you immediately for overstepping. A regular guy with a spear skewered me when I dared swing at him three times, exhausting my stamina. The real up-front challenge of Nioh 2 is that it gives you tons of combat systems to juggle. At any time you can switch between fast/guarded/aggressive combat stances, which affect your stamina recovery and weapon damage (and completely change your attack combos).


For the rest, Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition features everything fans of the original have loved about the game: great level design, the loot system featuring tons of gear to collect and customize, new abilities to play with, and many angry Yokai who cannot wait to get their filthy hands on the player. You will die a lot, but the refinement of the mechanics seen in the first game will make sure, more than ever, that you will love each and every second of this new adventure set in Feudal Japan. How the PC version will stack with the PlayStation 5 release remains to be seen, but if you only own a PC and never hard the chance to try the PlayStation 4 release, there's a very good chance you will not be disappointed.


I never had issues with lag, which was one of my major concerns. This might be especially concerning for potential players since Nioh 2 (and the original title) have a plethora of elemental effects ranging from fire and lighting. I was worried might tax my gaming laptop. I was surprised when this wasn’t the case, but that could have been due to the capped framerate I kept on for the duration of the preview period. However, I wasn’t able to locate a game through the multiplayer function, so I can’t speak for the connectivity between regions or performance when another person is involved.

PC Invasion:

You almost certainly know this already but, Nioh 2 is a souls-like. You make your character, choose from a bunch of weapons, and hope to hell you picked one that works with your playstyle, as you’ll need to start pumping points into the stat that scales its damage as soon as humanly possible. I went with the odachi, because it’s a giant katana that is both strong and has a respectable amount of range. It’s been working out fairly well, especially since you can unlock a parry right away. As you use a weapon, you gain proficiency points that allow you to purchase skills on a tree. Therefore, you may want to stick with one weapon for most of your run.