Monster Hunter: Rise Previews

Earlier this month, Capcom launched a limited-time demo for Monster Hunter: Rise, the Nintendo Switch exclusive (for now) next entry in the long-running Monster Hunter series of co-operative action-RPGs. And if you’d like to know more about this demo, and the game in general, you should check out the previews below:


I like Monster Hunter Rise a lot, essentially, even if I'm feeling like there's still so much left to learn. This demo is the sort of thing that offers dozens of hours of play, and the potential for the final thing with its full cast of monsters is enough to make me feel a little light-headed. Yes, you can drift the dogs in Monster Hunter Rise - and it seems you can do so much more besides.


The new Monster Hunter Rise demo allows players to try out multiple hunts based on difficulty, as well as giving them a taste of new features. Playing a game on the Nintendo Switch always brings up concerns about graphics, and the demo now confirms that Monster Hunter Rise will run in 756p in docked mode and 540p in handheld mode, and it can run at 30 FPS even in areas with a lot of assets. This shouldn't be too surprising for those familiar with playing games on Switch, but it's still nice to see what the Monster Hunter Rise demo can do - and it might help ease fears that the game will drop lower than 30 FPS in congested areas.

Massively OP:

In all, the Monster Hunter Rise demo makes the next MH series entry feel as if it’s aimed more at veteran hunters than trying to welcome new players, but it’s not all bad. It’s a good reminder that the series does tend to have a bit of a learning curve, but already it seems that the game rewards those who invest in it.


Overall, Monster Hunter Rise is looking to be a whale of a time. The game is keenly aware of its history and the weight of the series now being a worldwide phenomenon (a Milla Jovovich flick for Palico’s sake!). I may call it a victory lap, but Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t find satisfaction in simply kicking back and resting on the battle-worn formulas of World or its handheld antecedents. New attempts at fresh mechanics and a studied eye towards the trends of the current gaming landscape have given me much to look forward to on March 26th. While contentment may stifle inspiration for some, success has only emboldened Monster Hunter to Rise to the occasion.