The Waylanders - Immersive Update Live

Gato Studio’s party-based CRPG The Waylanders has received a new early access update that enhances the game’s origin stories with a series of brief intro videos. It also adds the ubiquitous these days photo mode and fixes a number of quests. Here’s one sample intro:

And some additional information:

This new Alpha 0.30 update brings you two powerful features: origins and Photo Mode! Plus, quest improvements and minor changes.

Character origins

We've added new videos for the 8 available origins when you customize your adventurer in the Character Creator. Now you can enjoy a deeper background, you can better understand your character's motivations and enjoy a bigger immersion in the story. Also, we've made some minor changes to dialogues, so they are adapted to the origins.

Let's take a look to one of the origin's videos, the Celtic Druid[...]

Available origins
  • Celtic Druid
  • Celtic Soldier
  • Egyptian
  • Dog of Ares Mercenary
  • Mourian Protector
  • Mourian Diplomat
  • Alpha Wolf
  • Slave
There are 8 different origins, each one with a different cinematic and background. What are you waiting for? Begin a new game, create your character and enjoy this new, lore-friendly cinematics!

Photo Mode

Say cheese, Photo Mode is here! Capture your favorite moments, combats, scenarios and characters with this powerful feature. Interface is available both for keyboard and controller.

Photo Mode Controls (Keyboard & mouse)
  • Ins - Enter/exit Photo Mode
  • Supr - Take photo
  • End - Open saved images folder
  • WASD - Move camera
  • Q/E - Up/Down
  • Left click - Focus
  • Right click (hold and move mouse) - Rotate camera
Photo Mode Controls (Xbox controller)
  • L3+R3 - Enter/exit Photo Mode
  • RB - Take photo
  • LB - Focus
  • Y - Compose
  • D-Pad - Change adjustment
  • Left stick - Modify adjustment
  • X - Reset adjustments
Do you want to share your favorite screenshots with us? Use #TheWaylandersPhotoMode and follow @WaylandersRPG on Twitter! Custom character self-portrait, your favorite location, using a formation in a boss fight... Countless possibilities!

Quest improvements

Multiple cinematic improvements, dialogue adjustments and minor bug fixing on multiple quests:

Main quest
  • Corrupted Circle
Loyalty quests
  • Redemption in the farm (Heraklios)
  • The Cave of Eternity (Amergin)
  • Rite of the first refusal (Khaldun)
  • The One That Got Away (Mal)
Secondary Quest
  • Slay the dragon
  • Lost treasure
Other changes
  • Minor adjustments: companions AI
  • Minor bugs fixed
What's next?

Next update will add one of the most anticipated updates: new languages! Stay tuned.