Tainted Grail: Conquest - An Updated Roadmap

Awaken Realms Digital, the team behind Tainted Grail, recently split their game into Conquest, a hybrid between an RPG and a deck-building roguelike, and The Fall of Avalon that will act as a more story-focused experience. And with that in mind, we can now check out an updated roadmap for this project that now puts the game’s launch at Q2 2021.

Here’s some additional information:

Hello everyone!

This week we have something you've been asking us about from time to time - an updated roadmap leading us to the full release date of Conquest.

There are a couple of important things we need to tell you about, though!

We were pretty optimistic in our last week's update - and we've managed to do a lot this week - but ultimately we've decided not to release a patch to the game today. It's still a bit unstable and not everything is working as it should be so we need a bit more time to polish it out a bit before releasing an official patch.

The next patch, however, should get us really close to version 0.97 - the version you should expect by the end of December.

We're making steady progress with most of what you'll find in the roadmap and we've decided to share a sneak peek on our private branch for the members of our Discord channel :)

It should be available now - along with more details on a special channel. However, as is often the case with builds that aren't public, it's still heavily broken ;)

The second thing is: once again thank you for feedback about the split of the game into two products. We're working closely with Valve to make this happen and even though we're not yet quite sure on how the second product will be shown in your game library, we're confident that all's gonna be okay. Don't worry then - and, well, from today onwards... Conquest is a separate game!

We're still waiting for information about the GOG version. We'll let you know about it as soon as we know something :)